Pantograph Quilting Patterns

There is a huge variety of quilting designs available. One of the most popular methods of quilting is to use a pantograph which are sometimes known as an "all-over-pattern" which work beautifully to hold the three layers of a quilt together with a professional looking pattern to echo the the character of the finished quilt. Shown below are the pantographs I have available, and beneath that are prices for all the different kinds of quilting that I can do to enhance and complete quilts.

The price of quilting is charged by the square inch so, generally speaking, the larger the quilt the greater the cost. The cost of quilting is shown beneath all the pantograph images.

Pantographs Patterns Available

Asian Dragon 

 Baroque Hearts

 Cafe Du Monde

Celestial Stitches

 Chinese Crescents

 Crazy Puzzle

 Christmas Holly



 Divine Vine



Independance Day


Indian Summer



Square Spiral

Swirls, Loops and Ivy Vine 



Tied ($0.03)
In the technique of tying a quilt one uses embroidery floss or crochet yarn and makes one stitch at predetermined intervals, usually in line with the pieced pattern, and makes one stitch from the front to the back of the quilt and back to the front. The yarn is then tied in a knot and the loose ends clipped off at around half an inch long.
This technique is the least robust of all quilting methods and is meant for a quilt that has light usage.

Simple ($0.035)
Simple quilting is lighter than a pantograph or designing a custom quilting pattern. Elements of more complex patterns may be introduced depending on the nature of the quilt. Possibilities include "stitching in the ditch" or "echo quilting".
Stitching in the ditch means carefully sewing as close as possible to the stitch line between pieced elements of the quilt. Afterwards it is difficult to see where the quilting has been stitched on the front of the quilt.
Echo quilting follows elements of piecing or appliqué, outlining those elements with one or more stitching line.
An example of simple quilting is "Composition Alpha" in the Commission Gallery.

Pantograph ($0.04)
A pantograph is a repeating pattern that is printed onto a long paper roll and can be carefully followed by a quilter with a laser pointer that is attached to the quilting machine in order to reproduce the pattern in stitch form on the quilt. A pantograph is often referred to as an "edge to edge" design as the pattern is applied from one side to the other of the quilt in repeating and of interacting rows and takes no account of the piecing design. An example of a pantograph was used in "Rock On!" in the Commission Gallery.
See below for the pantographs that are currently available for commissioned quilts.

Custom ($0.05)
Custom quilting is one of the most creative and fun techniques and greatly considers the design of the piecing or appliqué used. A typical example is that which I used on "Change & Flow" in the Commission Gallery.
Custom also includes the use of quilting templates which can form all or part of the design.

Complex ($0.06)
Complex quilting is where intricate design or special technique or several changes of thread color may be called for. A combination of other techniques discussed above may collectively produce a complex design.

Trapunto ($0.07)
Trapunto is an intense and complex technique producing a heavily quilted but beautiful appearance. Elements of the design contain additional batting resulting in a three dimensional appearance, see "Oak Leaf Wedding Ring" as an example (on the Comm'n Gallery page).