Green Quilting

Quilting In An Eco-Friendly Way

Everything around us is becoming more eco-friendly and quilting is no exception! Thankfully the industry is very slowly turning its attention to producing fabric, and other products used in quilting, in a more eco-friendly and sustainable manner. My intention for this page is to review green products and hear from you about your favorite green products....

What Does "Organic" Really Mean?

I recently read that the term "organic" refers to the pesticide and fertilizer free methods by which it has been grown, but unfortunately the process by which the cotton was manufactured into batting will probably use chemicals that may be environmentally harmful. At least organically grown is one step closer to being green and clean, but it would be fabulous to see the remainder of the process being gentle on our planet. (Source: FabShop News)

Organic Cotton Batting

The Joyous Quilter is excited to let you know that she recently used some organic cotton batting. I am pleased to report that it has performed very well on the whole. It is a little thinner than Warm & Natural cotton batting, but only a very little. I did notice the odd occurrance of very slight 'bearding' which I noticed particularly on black fabric, but it was single strands and fairly insignificant. The online source from which I purchased it (JoAnns) described it as 100" wide, which was part of the attraction for me to purchase, however, in reality it was only 93" wide. Hmm. On the whole I would grade it as 8 out of 10. Once this is used up (20 yds) I shall be trying some others from the links below.

Links to Green Batting

Here are a couple of links to explore...please let JQ know what you think.

Links to Green Fabric

My Green Quilting Quest

The Joyous Quilter is looking for as many green quilting products as possible to try them out and provide you with a review, or include reviews from you on this page.
Perhaps you would like to help in this quest? Let JQ know if you have found and tried a green product and what you really think of it. Include what it was, how to find it, how much it cost, how it performed and whether, or not, you would recommend it to fellow quilters. If enough of us create an increase in demand, we can all rest more easily under our beautiful creations knowing that we have made a lesser impact on the planet in pursuit of our passion!

If you have, or know of, a source of green quilting products, please let JQ know so that we can either stock it on this site or provide links to share it with everyone and spread the green quilting passion!